[Vector: XL API] Tool adapter is not available


I cannot see the tool adapter "Vector: XL API" in the test bench configuration or
I get an error while starting my existing test bench configurations:

"The installed vxlapi64.dll (path: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\vxlapi64.dll) is outdated (installed Version: 9.7). Please update the API to at least Version 20.30.14!"


Please check the installed driver version of vxlapi64.dll.

ECU-TEST 2021.2 supports version >=

If you are using ECU-TEST 2021.4 or newer, the vxlapi64.dll has to be in the Windows System32 folder (C:\Windows\System32\vxlapi64.dll).

To check the current driver version:

  • Open the windows command line (cmd), type where vxlapi64.dll and navigate to the first found file to check the details of it or

  • Open the windows PowerShell and type Get-Command vxlapi64.dll